The pinay celebrity actress Lovi Poe for the first time was late for the shooting of "Sagrada Familia" and scolded by her director Joel Lamangan, but after that everything was okay.

The young Filipina in the movie "Sagrada Familia" will play the role of a daughter raped by her father. Compared to her role in previous movie she it was nothing compared to this, the pinay actress even in doubt of what she will do to her role but Direk Joel Lamangan promise to take care of her and the things that they will do also her co-stars are reliable people.

It is noticeable that her role is getting more and more serious and the Filipina actresss asked why, she answered:

"Siguro kasi, I wanna be taken seriously. I really want to be an actress. Not just someone being seen on TV, but be called as an actress. That's one of the things that I want to fulfill"

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Pinay actress Maxene Magalona celebrates her father Francis M's 45'th birthday together with her family last October 4 in Loyola Memorial Park where he is being laid. Almost all of Maxene's families were present in the cemetery except for her older brother and sister who were so busy. After visiting the cemetery then listen to a mass after that they went to Shangri-la plaza to have a lunch.

Celebrating a birthday of the young actress father who already laid in rest was so sorrowful to Maxene, but it was okay for her because Francis M's birthday celebration was no pain and suffering to him.

Maxene said:
"We always think of him in everything that we do. And as each day passes by, we miss him even more. And we're okay with that. We're okay with missing him every day."

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Gorgeous young Filipina actress Maja Salvador is really happy to have Kim Bum partnered in RC Cola advertisement. Overjoyed Maja Salvador feeling lucky to have Kim Bum came to Philippines, chosen her to be with in a commercial and she considered him as the best birthday gift in her life.

Kim Bum complemented the young Filipina actress that she looks like Catherine Zeta Jones. Young actress Maja Salvador honestly tells that she will miss Kim especially when he smile that can soothe your tiredness and Kim really give an effort to comfort her.

Let see them when the commercial aired on tv.

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This photo became an issue against the hot pinay actress Cristine Reyes. The photo is currently circulating in Facebook social networking site with a caption:

"Cristine Reyes was inside, headed back to her home to get stuff. The truck refused to stop to aid anybody even if there were still many people desperate for help".

The story were several people moving toward the Provident village where the village Cristine Reyes reside, an AFP truck was moving and other people called out to get the attention of anybody boarding the truck. The mud was deep and it was too hard to walk, getting the attention of somebody on the truck might help them and move to their destination but the driver ignore them go straight ahead.

The people were surprised when they saw the pinay actress Cristine Reyes at the back of the truck then the pinay actress move deeper inside to avoid seeing her boarding the truck.
The hot pinay actress Cristine Reyes strongly denied the issue. She said she was using her sister Ara Mina's Starex.

Maybe it was a mistaken Identity but the video of this post proves that Pinay actress was riding a Starex.

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Pinay celebrity Toni Gonzaga was able to survive the devastation of Ondoy's rage. Trying to report to work the Pinay actress Toni Gonzaga wasn't able to cross the roads that were litter with many vehicles, furnitures and other indoor and outdoor stuffs. As she recalled, the streets was like the movie "I Am Legend" where the place was totally abandoned, no people but wreckage of many things.

The pinay celebrity family was one of the fortunate family and unaffected by storm in their area. Since the pinay actress Toni Gonzaga is an active member of Taytay community, served the community as Barangay Kagawad for five year before she became a Filipino celebrity, Toni Gonzaga and with kindhearted neighbors initiated a drive to help the people who needs help.

Toni express that there is no need to be in politics or member of any organization to help those who are in need.

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Beautiful Filipinas Angel Locsin, Shaina Magdayao, Maricar Reyes, Serena Dalrymple and pinoy hunk Zanjoe Marudo helped the victim of Typhoon Ondoy's devastation to the Philippines. With ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya Relief operations, which was held in Payatas Quezon City, these kindhearted pinoy celebrities with other volunteers helped in distributing goods to people.

Here's the video of the Relief operation:

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Two pinoy celebrity actors Gerald Anderson and Jericho Rosales did a real life action. At the time Ondoy's devastation to Philippines and flood occur both of them made a heroic act to save somebody who is in need of help.

Gerald Anderson swam out and search if some body in his neighbor needs help while Jericho Rosales surfing his surf board while searching for somebody who are in need. Pinoy actor Jericho Rosales was able to save a boy, grandmother and a dog.

These pictures of Filipino celebrities spread fast in facebook.

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